Back To School Lunch Ideas

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Back To School Lunch Ideas

I have so many mixed feelings as I’m writing this!! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Back to School and I love my kids when they go back to school!
But I have just registered my kids in a new school and in a new town so I might be freaking out a little bit, and these back to school lunches are stressing me out. Not only do my kids leave at 6:30 am I need to be up and have lunches ready by the time they walk out the door with their dad.  Oh and I’m NOT a morning person so this just might break me.
So as I sit here stressing I figured the easiest thing to do is hit Pinterest. They’re so many amazing bloggers that have this back to school lunch in the bag baby. So here are a few of my fav blogs so far for easy back to school lunch ideas.

Belly Full 

Love this blog she’s so real and even admits she doesn’t have time
or energy for those cute bento box lunches!
So here’s her easy lunch ideas to get her kids to
actually, eat lunch.

Fabulessly Frugal

This one is great too I really like the idea of having
everything already baged so the kids can grab and go!


A House Full of Sunshine

This one is great for kids that don’t like sandwiches all the time,
so many fun options to pack for littles or bigs!

Not only do you need to be creative and organized for lunches but you can’t forget to include your kids and ask them what they would like or not like, even If you know better than they do. I know my kids love to feel included and be a part of a grown-up conversation where they can actually choose what they can have and not have just to be told what to do again.


I’m thrilled to say this is my fridge we are ready for back to school lunches to commence, Nixon is so excited for his lunch and yes we are so ready for tomorrow.
Even if we are nervous wrecks!!




Happy Back to School Day!!

I hope you have an amazing day while your kids are at school! lol

I know I will be freaking out all day, hoping they will all make friends and have the best day ever! Cross your fingers for us, please. Raymond, here we come!

XO Angie (one hot mess momma)



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