Easy Camping Food Hacks

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Easy Camping Food Hacks

Who doesn’t love camping!? I know I have a love-hate relationship with it, from packing for 6 people, cleaning the trailer, and food! It’s always so much work. But I have found a few camping hacks that have helped me to finally enjoy camping …

It isn’t camping unless you have Bacon, Burgers, and campfire desserts right?!

Bacon 101

 We all know bacon is delicious but messy and time-consuming… So a little trick I do is pre-cook the bacon at home, then BOOM just warms it up on the grill..

1.Line baking sheet with tin foil a few times and different ways to prevent grease from getting on the pan for easier cleanup

2. Start layering the bacon, bake @400 for 1/2 hr then flip pieces till cooked.

3. Put in a ziplock bag with paper towel, and refrigerate.

Burgers 101

Pre-made burgers are our fav and here’s how I do them.

Dessert 101

Cream Puffs over the fire are always a fun treat and here’s a step by step!

 I hope you enjoyed my simple yet easy camping food ideas. We would love to hear your favourite camping go to’s!

XO Angie

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