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Father’s Day Ideas

Fathers Day is this Sunday and the question is are you ready?

I know I’m a huge procrastinator so I need all the help I can get and I hope this helps some of you get ready for Fathers Day!

A few things I always get Andy are items that I know he needs and likes, his favorite face moisturizer, cologne, snacks, fun gadgets, treats, beer and a new bottle opener. I know how much he loves and prefers to get more sentimental things so I always add a love note.

















I know that his favorite part of fathers day is not the presents but all the crafts and cards the kids make for him. So I had this amazing idea that he needed something to keep all his treasures in.

So I was on the hunt for something to hold everything and what better place to start then Home Sense!! I hoped to find a binder but came across a cute file folder that would be perfect for my project, you can find yours here.  Also, add your own personal touch by labeling each folder with your kid’s name and adding a fun FREE printable here on the front make this a gift to remember.

Don’t forget about your own dad he needs some love too. Here’s my go-to for my dad, I always get him 22 shells, spitz, his favorite pop, and treats. Here are a few fun free printables to add a little extra love to your gift. here and here



Here are a few more must-haves for the men in your life……


I hope you make your Fathers Day extra special by using some of these quick and fun ways to celebrate dad.

XO Angie





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